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This solution provides high-precision signal acquisition and analysis solutions for online test equipment, testing the open-short state of each test point in the DUT and the soldering status of electronic components. This solution is widely used in PCBA production testing occasions.
This solution uses 6-and-a-half-digit multimeter technology to accurately test DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, capacitance, resistance, inductance, diode and frequency measurement, and continuity measurement. All measurements are divided into normal and ultra-micro files.

Ordinary file:
• DC voltage range: 1mV ~ 50V
• AC voltage range: 1mV ~1V
• DC current range: 10mA ~ 500mA
• Test frequency range: 10Hz ~ 500kHz
• Capacitance range: 1pF ~1,000uF
• Inductance range: 1uH ~1mH
• Resistance range:

Super micro file:
• DC / AC voltage range: 0mV ~ 100mV, 10mV resolution
• Communication range: 0mVA~10uA, 10pA resolution
• Capacitance range: 0nF ~ 1nF, 0.1pF resolution
• Inductance range: 0uH ~ 10uH, 1mH resolution
• Resistance range: 0 ohms to 10 ohms, 10 micro ohms resolution