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AOI(Automated Optical Inspection)Solution

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The SG Camera Module is a smart camera platform based on deep learning algorithms. Using a 6-core processor, the hardware platform integrates the POE line, and provides power to the whole machine through the RJ45 interface. The platform supports the USB interface, uses the USB interface to connect the image of the front-end camera module to the processor, and reserves the TF card interface. The Micro USB interface is used as an external storage device interface or for development and debugging.
· Built-in POE power supply circuit for reliable short circuit, over current, over voltage protection
· Efficient cooling system to ensure that the product processor is always within a reasonable temperature range
· Rigorous laboratory testing conditions to ensure stable product
· Standard 10/100 M network interface, POE power supply, easy to install
· Supporst remote online upgrade
· Based on AI deep learning algorithm



· Screen Detection
  The recognition screen is abnormal

· Patch Defect
  Identify if the PCB patch has a chip defect
· Tray Defect
  Check to see if there are any parts in the tray

· Chip Detection
  Identify broken and bent abnormalities of the pins

· Diameter Identification
  Identify varieties by diameter difference

· Hole Position Detection
  Test the opening of the product
· Thread Abnormality
  Identify the presence or absence of a spring component image contains screw, metalware