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Barcode Scanner Solution

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The industrial macro camera is designed for scanning code applications in automated production lines. It follows the ISO_IEC15415-2011 international standard and reads DUT barcodes (including metal laser engraving codes and micro DM codes) with high speed and high precision. With its custom modular design, the scanner easily embeds automated fixtures in tight spaces.

Product Advantages:
· Compact appearance that is easy to embed
· Super macro lens
· High speed and high precision decoding
· Self-contained light source controller

Application advantage:

· Compact structure
Solve the problem of automatic scan code when the space is small. The compact size of the macro scanner is 23.5 × 9.2 × 46 mm, which can be easily installed into the small space of Shaanxi to realize the automatic scanning function. The traditional scanner has a large size and is generally hand-held, which is difficult to realize.
· Efficient identification
Save labor costs and increase efficiency. In the test equipment, the macro scanner realizes the automatic scanning code and the product detection simultaneously, and does not occupy the scanning time alone. One employee can easily operate multiple devices, saving labor costs.
· Accurate and reliable
Eliminate code and product inconsistency. Automatic scanning code is realized in automated production, and the shooting distance is 18-47 mm, which solves the misoperation of workers, eliminates the inconsistency between code and product, and facilitates product quality tracking and traceability system establishment.
· Customized needs
High decoding success rate, customizable. High decoding success rate, support 1D/2D decoding of multiple formats from 1.6 mm to 30 mm, such as DM, QR and so on. The decoding algorithm can be customized according to customer needs.