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Smartgiant embedded instrument platform is designed for automated production line testing to help customers achieve efficient, accurate automated inspections by collecting, storing, processing and uploading specific data. The platform not only supports multiple I/O channels and control interfaces (SPI, I2C, I2S, UART, USB), but also enables high-speed signal connections via Ethernet. Based on ARM processor and FPGA logic, combined with custom modular design, including digital multimeter, data logger, oscilloscope, audio analyzer, signal generator, digital power supply and electronic load, it helps simplify production line Test measurements and optimize production efficiency. Customized design allows modules to be easily embedded into automated fixtures in tight spaces to meet a variety of product testing needs.

Product advantages
  • Modular design
  • Flexible modular combination
  • Compact form factor for easy embedding
  • As a single instrument or embedded module
  • High performance ARM Cortex processor
  • FPGA programmable logic
  • IP core based software library
Application field
  • Production line automatic inspection
Solution - Function Check Test / FCT
Function Check Testing (FCT) is a device that tests the functionality of a product. Its main test object is the PCBA circuit board, which provides a simulated operating environment (excitation and load) to operate in various design states to obtain parameters of various states (including voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, Duty cycle, brightness and color, character recognition, voice recognition, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, etc.) to verify the function of the tested unit.

Solution - Final Assembly Test and Pack / FATP
Final Assembly Test and Pack means that the product has been assembled, the appearance of the product needs to be tested and the environment in which the product is used is simulated, and various external sources and sources (including power supplies) are provided. Sound source, pickup, infrared light source, visible light source, buttons, etc.), so that it works in the simulated reality state to determine whether the product meets the requirements for use.