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IC Testing Solutions

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Typical Networking

Typical Process

Test of open/short
Ground all pins of the IC (including Vdd/GND).
Set the voltage limit to 3V.
Use PMU force +100μA onto the pin to be tested and measure the voltage.
If the measured voltage value is greater than a specific value (such as 1.2V), it is judged as Open, if it is less than a specific value (such as 0.1V), it is short.

Test of leakage

Test of pattern 
Take "AND gate" as an example, input a set of signals, measure the output pin, and compare it with the expected value.
The row of the truth table is called vector or pattern, and the number of rows in the truth table is called vector/pattern depth.
Program the Pattern using the IDE environment, compile and generate a truth table, and load it into the business board.
The test machine automatically executes the corresponding input of the pattern, judges the output result, and notifies the sorter to classify.