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Enhance FPGA Endpoint Development Solutions

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SmartGiant provides multiple series of toolboxes and hardware modules for non-FPGA engineers to generate FPGA systems, with fully tested firmware packages that enables transformation from concept to product in minimal time to market.
SmartGiant complies with industry standard production and manufacturing management flow control system (PLM, ERP and MES). We provide ODM services with fully customized hardware, firmware, and software solutions.
Firmware Development Process

SmartGiant SDK can be applied to regular interface and acceleration applications, as well as AI endpoint development by TVM flow.
Nysa SDK

SmartGiant FPGA tool generates top-level design files from block diagrams without the need for complicated pinmap or IP list files, conveniently by drag-and-drop in GUI mode.

SmartGiant FPGA tool comes with debugging kits to accelerate development and troubleshooting.

Dozens of hardware modules for POC, which can be used for fully customized design and development after rapid verification.

Now support:
Zynq 7007
Zynq 7010
Zynq 7020