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Guangzhou Smartgiant Network Technology Tenth Anniversary Ce

Time:2015-04-29 Author:admin Reading:
  April 18, 2015, this special day, we ushered in the company's tenth anniversary birthday. All staff dripping rock forest park and Shawan town picnic organized a grand collective activities, we all passionate, vibrant, enjoyable!
  Dinner, the general manager of Mr. Zhou Maolin first came to power to make a warm speech and toast. Fully affirmed the company over the years to achieve brilliant results at the same time, we placed a thriving expectations, encourage everyone to continue to struggle in the future to submit more excellent transcripts.
  At the same time in recognition of the positive and outstanding staff, we sat together, enjoyable, the whole banquet are filled with joy and joy of the atmosphere.
  Finally, in the "we will fly higher" under the soundtrack, the party concluded.